If you’ve made an appointment with Tick Tax or are looking to make an appointment to do your tax return or finances, then the below detailed list will help identify a few things that may be necessary to bring in to the appointment.

If any of the items relate to you then please aim to bring them in to your appointment. If you have any questions regarding the documents please feel free to contact us on 8341 2200.


  • PAYMENT SUMMARIES – you will require a Payment Summary from all jobs you have received wages from
  • INTEREST EARNED ON BANK ACCOUNTS – indicate if account is held in joint name
  • PENSIONS/SUPER/ANNUITIES – including Centrelink Aged Pension
  • EMPLOYMENT TERMINATION PAYMENT – this will be a Payment Summary
  • FAMILY TRUST DISTRIBUTIONS – we need the trusts statement showing any distributions
  • DIVIDENDS RECEIVED – dividend statements
  • RENTAL PROPERTY – agent statement / invoices or summary of income and expenses
  • MANAGED FUNDS/TRUSTS – annual tax statements
  • BUSINESS INCOME & EXPENSES – invoices or summary of all income and expenses
  • OTHER INCOME – foreign, capital gains, income protection payout



  • ACCOUNTING / TAX AGENT FEES – previous year’s fees
  • MOTOR VEHICLE EXPENSES – kilometres of work related travel OR log book plus all vehicle expenses (fuel, rego,insurance, repair & services, RAA subscription, loan/lease payments)
  • PROTECTIVE / LOGO CLOTHING -purchases of protective clothing, eyewear, sunscreen, steel cap boots, dry cleaning
  • WORK RELATED EXPENSES – union fees, diary, computer/printers, internet usage, books, journals, newspaper, professional body subscriptions, home office, tools, materials, mobile etc.
  • SELF-EDUCATION EXPENSES – courses/certificates, textbooks, computer/stationery, ipad, internet usage, parking
  • TRAVEL EXPENSES – staying away from home for work? you may be able to claim incidentals of your travel, including accommodation, transport, meals. Did you keep a travel diary?
  • GIFTS & DONATIONS – donations to tax deductible gift recipients (where there is no reward or item received for the donation (i.e. lottery tickets)
  • INCOME PROTECTION INSURANCE – policy and premiums paid
  • SUPERANNUATION – did you make any additional contributions to your super fund?
  • INTEREST EXPENSES – on investment related expenses (i.e. account fees, interest, advisor fees)
  • OTHER EXPENSES – any other expenses which are directly related to your income earning activity



  • PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE – annual statement
  • SPOUSE DETAILS – full name, dob and taxable income for the related year
  • EFT DETAILS – BSB and account number of account which you’d like any refunds to be transferred into


The better prepared you are, the more effectively we’ll be able to assist. But don’t worry if you’re unsure, we can advise further during the appointment if need be – We’re here to help, whatever the case!