Fee Guide for an appointment in our office.

Basic Return – $170 (inc. GST)

Example – Basic Return

Tom is single and during the year had a full time position as  an Office Manager and a part time position as a Barman. He received interest from a savings account, dividends from AMP and Woolworths and had a Reportable Fringe Benefit Tax amount. Tom claimed $150 for laundry (no receipts required). He also claimed $50 for a donation he made to Red Cross and $196.20  for  the  cost  of managing his tax affairs – $170 for the Agents fee and $31.20 (40 kilometres x 78 cents per km) for the cost of travel to and from his Tax Agent last year. Tom provided his payment summaries, dividend and bank statements.

Additional Fees

In Tom’s example above, if he travelled directly to his second job from the first job, or if he used his car for work related purposes, he would be able to claim some travel expenses. There are two methods of calculating work  related vehicle claims. If we used the cents per kilometre method to calculate this claim the additional fee would be $11 or the logbook method which would cost $70. If Tom had purchased equipment over $300 (e.g. a computer, printer) which he used partly for work related purposes and partly private, it could be depreciated after apportioning its work related percentage. A fee of $5.50 would apply to calculating the best method (prime cost, diminishing value or low value pool) available to increase Tom’s deductions.

Other fees include (inclusive of GST):

  • Standard Tax Return (21 years old and under) – from $99
  • Mobile Service Fee – $44
  • Business Schedule (Income & Expenses) – from $110
  • Capital Gains -shares & unit trusts – from $11
  • Capital Gains – real estate – from $110
  • Rental Schedule (Income & Expenses) – from $88
  • Tax Return Amendments – from $115
  • Fee from refund – $38.50
  • Partnership Tax Return – $220
  • Trust Tax Returns – $330
  • Company Tax Returns – $440
  • Trust set-up, including TFN/ABN/PAYG Withholding – $550
  • Trading Company set-up, including TFN/ABN/PAYG Withholding/Workcover – $1,570
  • Trustee Company set-up – $1,200
  • Form 2 – $575
  • Medicare Exemption Statement application – $110
  • Age pension/Centrelink application – $330